Petes Dog.jpg


Commission  to draw a customers dog, Ernie


Shepard Hut No.1

A customer from wales that runs a glamping site has 2 lovely shepards huts that people can stay in


Alpaca No.1

A customer that runs a bed and breakfast has a field of Alpacca's and asked for some images for their website


Shepard Hut No.2


Alpaca No.2

Alpaca No1's Friend

Watercolour Pet Portrait (single subject+mount)

A5 - £45

A4 - £60

A3 - £70

Watercolour Pet Portrait (two subjects/background+mount)

A5 - £55

A4 - £70

A3 - £80

Graphite Pet Portrait (Black and White, single subject+mount)

A5 - £40

A4 - £50

A3 - £60

Graphite Pet Portrait (Black and White, two subjects+mount)

A5 - £50

A4 - £65

A3 - £70

Cartoon Style Illustration

Price on demand